Ciam’s 900 Series is part of our Larger Depth Line of display cases, as it comes with a depth of roughly 38 inches (or 965mm). It is available for gelato, ice cream, pastry, deli, chocolate, heated, and neutral options. These beautiful showcases offer striking product visibility, and feature top-of-the-line technology so that your creations are stored and displayed in ideal conditions. The combination of different glass tops (both curved and vertical), different shelf configurations, custom optionals, and a plethora of color and paneling options, ensures that each case is unique and expressive.

**We offer a variety of other glass tops besides the C3. Please contact our Design Team for availability.**


Quick Specs:

  • 965mm depth for all applications.
  • “No-Fog” System and Easy Clean Filter included.
  • LED Lighting.
  • Digital control panel and LCD temperature display.
  • Pull out drawers for bread applications available.
  • 4 Lt. and 5Lt. gelato pan, or popsicle tray templates available.

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 Heated-Bain Marie

 Positive Temperature

 Low Temperature