CIAM is a prestigious company supplying equipment and design for bar, pastry, ice-cream and shops in general.  With years of innovative design success the company has become recognized for reliability and excellent quality.

The new Ciam 250,000 sq. ft. factory and headquarters headquarter located in Petrignano di Assisi represents a mix of efficiency and technology that together with the ability and experience of the technical staff, concur with our company to elaborate and to realize complex plans of high technological content in according to the requirements of our customers.

Each month, Ciam provides essential display solutions for over 2,000 new HO.RE.CA. shops throughout the world.  Our speed, competence, ability to offer superior solutions along with customizable flexibilities and punctuality in delivery time, assure superior customer satisfaction.

With years passionate commitment and outstanding results, Ciam is recognized throughout the world in many large and small markets as an innovative leader and continually increases market share.