Meat & Fish

Meat & Fish Display Cases


The Performer Series is the quintessential deli case. Due to its uniquely high load limit, this series can accommodate large size meats and cheeses. Its large, vertical front glass and sharp angles provide a clean view for clients, and its low back provides easy access for operators.


Perfect for showcasing gelato, ice cream, pastries, and chocolates, Ciam’s Ice Queen Series seamlessly blends modern technology and quality craftsmanship. Daring angles, curves, and straight lines ensure clear product visibility and easy access for operators.


Elegant and timeless, the Vertigo Series incorporates clean lines to create height without being a distraction. Extremely versatile, this series incorporates a refrigerated deck and additional ambient shelves to show refrigerated and non-refrigerated products at the same time.


The 900 series is part of our Larger Depth Line of display cases, offering a depth of 965mm. Ideal for storing refrigerated and non-refrigerated items in the same case, the 900 Series can accommodate special customizations like pull out drawers for breads, and curved glass structures.


The Exclusive Series is modern, flexible, and energy efficient alternative for those looking for a high-end merchandiser. Available for pastries, frozen desserts, and meat dry-aging.


The Brilliant series is just that…Brilliant. It features four sides glass, LED lighting, adjustable shelving, accessory shelving items for wine, meat, champagne, and much more. Choose from a standard one sided entry display, or the pass through option.