The Performer Series is the quintessential delicatessen case. Due to its uniquely high load limit, this series can accommodate large hams and meats, cheeses, and other bulk quantities of products. Its tall, vertical front glass and sharp angles provide a clean view for clients, and its low back provides easy access for operators. Refrigerated meat versions are equipped with electric defrost, and lift-up evaporator coils makes cleaning a breeze. This display case series is best suited for refrigerated meats and gastronomy applications.


Quick Specs:

  • Tempered front and side glasses included (heated glasses available)
  • Gas piston-assisted lift-up front glass for cleaning purposes
  • Lift-up deck for easy access to/cleaning of evaporator coils
  • 10″ tall load limit (suited for large deli meats and cheeses)
  • 3000°K LED lighting
  • Digital control panel and LCD temperature display
  • Electric defrost system for meat displays
  • Custom material options can be found here

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