Whide Tube

Tube is a patented plug&play device that is applied inside professional refrigerators with forced air circulation. Tube is able to sanitize the internal surfaces and the surfaces of stored products through a stermicidal action effective up to 99% against harmful microorganisms such as viruses, molds, bacteria.

Tube is an appliance that performs an important preventive action against harmful microorganisms that can settle on the surfaces and packaging of food, which can be touched by several individuals with the risk of contamination for people who go shopping or work in contact with the refrigerator.

Tube is a plug&play device with a minimal design, easy to install on any professional ventilated refrigerator. After fixing it inside the air supply duct just connect it to the power supply, so Tube will start working automatically, sanitizing the internal surfaces and the surfaces of the products exposed and stored inside.

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